Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation with 100% refund until 48 hours before the appointment.

  • No refund if you cancel within 48 hours before the appointment. However, you can request for rescheduling for $30

  • For reschedule or cancellation, please contact via Instagram DM or E-mail


  • Pets must be in a kennel or leashed when they are not taking photos

At the Studio

  • Please arrive at the studio at least 5 min prior to your appointment

  • Late arrivals are acceptable however it will be deducted from your photo time

  • Please Do not touch or lean against the background paper

  • No Drinks & Food is allowed in the studio

  • You may bring your own photo props (we have some available for free at the studio)

  • Do not touch any equipment in the studio

  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your pets

How to get photos

  • All photos will be uploaded on google drive and sent to your Instagram or Email as a link

  • We will keep the photos for 2 weeks from the date we upload

Adjustment on booking or any kinds of website or booking errors

  • Please call us immediately

  • If you can't reach us on the phone, send us an email with your inquiries